Assembly 4

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Special Political & Decolonisation

Discussing the Right to Self-Determination and its implication on Statehood.

Having recently gained popularity again in notable cases of Catalonia and

Kurdistan, the vital right to self-determination is a well-established subject of international law. With every individual throughout the world being in the rightful capacity to practice self-determination, which is the right to choose how one wishes to be governed, the question of what implication it has on the political being of a state or a region is significant to raise. The debate on this subject not only seeks discernment on the legal significance of the principle, but so much so, opens a scope for the participants to contemplate the supposedly obvious norms.

Analyzing the implications of the European Migrant Crisis.

The European migrant crisis gained enormous momentum in its severity in 2015 with thousands of helpless individuals traveling overseas in precarious conditions only to seek protection against the trauma of their war-torn homeland. The crisis has not only worsened the condition of a handful of those able to make it to the other side of the sea, but has crippled the economies and functioning of even the host states who seem to be barely prepared for every unexpected wave of the refugee influx. The situation calls for a strong discussion on how the states could be protected from the strain of the massive immigration without compromising on the vital rights of those seeking help.

Advice for new delegates ?

It's often the most favorable choice to take a deep breath, relax and not be concerned with any doubt you might have about  your capabilities. Regardless of what you or the other person knows, at the end of the day, we're all learners vowing for a change.

Neel Madhav

Chair - General Assembly IV

Class: XI

Subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Math, English,


Computer Science.


Message: Being in the capacity to serve best to the vital needs of the committee, I look forward to a fruitful three days of interesting debate and deliberation where we together get to know about new concepts and familiarise ourselves with the new tangents to even the most obvious of discussions as they may seem. I shall cater in my best will to all the participants their well-deserved chance of evolving into a better, aware individual ready to take on the challenges of the world tomorrow!


Having attended the Indian Model UN conference for the past three years now, it is safe on my part to assert that this conference has never compromised in its central goal of hosting the best of MUN conferences throughout India. Not only do the participants get exposure to the genuine professionalism and diplomatic conduct required on an international forum, they get the privilege of familiarising themselves with world issues we often turn a blind eye to.

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