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General Assembly 1

Disarmament and International Security               

Addressing the question of usage of Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems, Drones and Killer Robots in an armed conflict with emphasis on Artificial Intelligence and its implications.

The issue of LAWS (Lethal Autonomous Weapons), for example- drones, killer robots) has drastically risen to prominence over the past decade. Potentially LAWS could identify and attack a target without human intervention. If such weapons were developed, questions arise as to whether these could be used in compliance with the current rules of international humanitarian law? What would be the impact of these weapons on the law of state responsibility and international criminal law? And what would they mean for the conduct of future warfare?

All this necessitates, at the bare minimum, a comprehensive guiding policy for countries to tackle the onslaught of challenges that countries are expected to face in the future.

Devising a framework to combat terrorist financing with special emphasis on illicit arms trade and state sponsorship of terrorism.

The funding of terrorist activities remain a pertinent issue in the war on terror. One such notable method is the illicit arms trade by which terrorists acquire arms from another party, which may not be directly involved in the hostilities but is playing a major role in encouraging such terrorist activities. Some states sponsor terrorist groups and provide them safe heavens as concluded by the United Nations. The main debate revolves around the solutions that are required to combat the root cause of terrorism and prevent states from supporting such terrorist organizations that have been a major threat to international peace and security.

Saksham Gadia

Chair for Committee 1 - Disarmament and International Security 

Class: XII


Subjects: English, Accountancy, Mathematics, Business Studies, Economics 



Message: I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of you who are going to be a part of this legacy, alias, INMUN'19. It is my greatest privilege to serve as the Chairperson of GA-1 (DISEC) and help you guys lead towards three days of fruitful and top-drawer


 debate and deliberation. I am sure that these three days would remain one of the most treasured memories for each and every delegate. So ladies and gentlemen get ready to be part of the best Model UN conference of India. I wish you all the best for the conference!


Advice for new delegates ?

The trick is very simple, Just be yourself. Forget all worries and speak your heart out. Express yourself with all your confidence and forget about the competition, executive board or the delegates. The key for new comers is to never get intimidated by other MUNers who may boast about their illustrious experience, Because ,on the day of conference , you all are equal. It is very important to remember INMUN is more of a  learning experience than a competition.

I have been 4 times to INMUN and the majestic strata of the conference only get better with time. The presence of honourable dignitaries and ambassadors from various countries makes the experience memorable and offers great loads life-changing anecdotes. INMUN has been known for providing out of the box knowledge every year, I assure this would be an experience of a lifetime for all of you. 


There exists no conference like INMUN.

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